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What are the Uses of “Photo Mounts”?conservation standard photo mounts


For the uninitiated – whenever we meet people who are not in the image business – this is the question we get asked – again and again and again.


So if you have happened to land on this page and dont know what it is we do – allow us to explain a little
“Photo mounts” are an ideal way to enhance photographs and other pictures either inside or outside of a picture frame (these are things you see in galleries, shops, art shows – or even just in your own home). They come in a range of different colours and sizes, and have many uses for both personal and commercial customers alike.

100% acid free photo mounts - conservation standard

Personal customers

Many people choose to use them to display photos that mean a lot to them such as wedding photographs or photos of their children. Whether these are to be wall-mounted or placed upon a desk or a mantelpiece, you want your memories to look their best – and a good quality mount can do just that.

The large variety of sizes that are available mean that almost any photograph that you choose can be surrounded by a suitable photo mount. The mounts come in a range of colours which means that they can be matched to the existing décor of the room where the photo is to be displayed.

Commercial customers

Lots of businesses choose to use mounts to enhance their promotional material. A simple surround placed around an outdoor menu can make all the difference to the image of the establishment, giving it an air of quality. Conservation standard “photo mounts” are extremely durable and can be used over and over again providing care is taken when changing the contents of the frame. Obviously, many businesses choose to display artwork in their premises too, and photo mounts will be in evidence here as well.


Professional artists and photographers


High quality conservation mounts are often used by professional photographers when they are selling their work, making a complete package with the photograph and the mount sold for one price. Artists who are selling their work can also use photo mounts for this purpose. Of course, the price that has been paid for the mount will have to be factored into the asking price for the piece if a profit is to be made.

Photo mounts are also used by galleries to display artwork, and they will often be used by artists and photographers wishing to display their work in their own exhibitions too. If a piece is sold at the exhibition then the person who has purchased it will be able to take it away as soon as the exhibition is finished, without having to wait for it to be mounted.

Whatever purpose the photo mounts are being used for, there are a few considerations that need to be made. Conservation quality photo mounts are often a good choice as these mounts are very durable and will last for a significant period of time. As they are 100% acid-free they will also prevent the degradation of the photographs or artwork which means that not only will the mount itself last a long time, so will its contents. It is possible for conservation quality photo mounts to last up to 300 years, making them the perfect choice for your cherished works of art.

Hopefully that explains it all a little.


Wait – there’s more


We haven’t finished just yet though – if you run a business that is in the ‘image’ business – then get in touch via the contact page – as we are more than happy to give you a mention here.  Just let us know what you do, your website details etc



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